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3 Reasons Why ERG Leadership Needs Team Bonding

It is so easy to get caught up in the duties of employee resource groups (ERG) leadership and neglect to connect with other ERG leaders. Leadership teams for small ERGs are typically self-organized, voluntary organizations, so it can be difficult to cultivate leadership connections. The last thing you want to do is arrange team bonding activities for ERG leadership while also managing team bonding activities for ERG members.

But that mindset in itself is holding ERG leaders back from fostering ERG sustainability. ERG leadership teams who prioritize fun bonding activities for themselves increase the rate of success for their teams.

It might seem like an extra task for ERG leaders, who already have plenty on their plates, but it is a task that can be easily accomplished with the help of the Work and Chill Games team. Read on to learn why your ERG leadership needs to start having fun and adding team bonding activities to their ERG leadership development plan.


The role of ERG leaders is to lead ERG teams to help build safe communities for related individuals to be their authentic selves in the workplace. ERG leaders coordinate events and activities allowing members to connect with one another in person, remotely, and hybridally. 

Typically ERG leadership teams consist of 5-10 leaders who all work together collectively to help their company drive diversity and inclusion initiatives. They understand the importance of team bonding activities and they contribute towards ERG member development, retention, education, and recruitment.


Before ERG leadership should even start working together to plan team bonding events and activities for ERG members, they should first implement team bonding events and activities for themselves. Doing so helps develop the ERG leadership team so they can get to know each other better, get comfortable with each other, and be able to collaborate better. 

Team bonding helps ERG leadership to build a strong foundation first before focusing efforts towards coordinating team bonding activities for ERG members. This helps make the ERG more successful and creates long-term ERG sustainability. 


Reason #1 – Practice What You Preach: Be the Example for ERG Members. 

How can ERG leadership expect ERG members to have fun when ERG leaders don’t have fun? You know how the old saying goes, “Practice what you Preach”. Fostering team bonding within an ERG starts way before leaders even start planning events and activities for their ERGs. It starts with incorporating team bonding at the leadership level. Doing so will help ERG leaders build a foundation with each other first before leading ERGs. It not only helps make them better leaders, but it also ensures that they are connected so they can better serve ERG members. 

Reason #2 – Having Fun is a Key Aspect of Being a Leader Because it Helps You Be Better and More Productive.

Please take a chill pill and have some fun. Not only will it help you in your leadership duties as an ERG leader, but it also will help you to get the most out of yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time. That’s what work is for. Giving yourself permission to let loose and have fun with your ERG leadership colleagues is a great way to bond and be more productive as an ERG leadership team. 

Sit back, relax, and let the Work and Chill Games team set up team bonding events and activities for your ERG Leadership. They can host epic game nights Whether your team is hybrid, in-person or fully remote as a team bonding activity. With their all-new Guess My Preference Card Game , ERG leaders can compete to see who knows each other the best. If you guess incorrectly, you receive a penalty card. 5 penalty cards and you’re eliminated. Last player standing wins!

Reason #3 – To Connect With ERG Leadership In Order to Better Serve ERG Members. 

Building successful ERGs with disconnected ERG leadership can be challenging. There is no better way to collaborate than to focus first on connecting as an ERG leadership team. Through team bonding activities, ERG leadership teams can build an alliance and tackle the leadership duties together. ERG leadership teams can more effectively serve ERG members when they are on the same page than if they are working separately. The workload is already heavy enough, so why not lighten it and have each other’s back by bonding as a team?


If your ERG leadership needs more fun team bonding activities or is having difficulty bonding as a team to better serve its members, Work and Chill Games could be the perfect partner. At Work and Chill Games, we create fun team bonding activities to help strengthen your ERG’s leadership. Encourage your ERG leadership team to reach out to us at info@workandchillgames.com today to see if we are right for your company. A member of our team will connect with you.