Uber Partners with Work and Chill

We are excited to announce that Work and Chill has been contracted by Uber to facilitate ERG and team bonding experiences for their Employee Resource Groups around the globe. This is a significant milestone for our company as we continue to expand our services to new clients and industries.

As part of our partnership with Uber, we will be working with them to create unique and engaging events for their erg groups. We are especially excited about the upcoming events we have planned, including Africa Day on May 25th, International Nelson Mandela Day on July 18th, and a series of events and projects throughout the month of October in honor of UK Black History Month. We are confident that our events will help bring the Uber team together, promote teamwork and collaboration, and foster a sense of community within the organization.

At Work and Chill, we have experienced fast-paced growth over the past year, and our client list continues to grow in both size and diversity. We are proud to have worked with some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Yahoo!, Snapchat, Bumble, and now Uber. We are excited about the exponential business growth and scalability that our future holds.

As we continue to expand our services and partnerships, we believe that investing in Work and Chill is an attractive opportunity. Our proven track record of success, diverse client list, and strong reputation in the industry make us a solid investment option. We are confident that our team’s creativity, innovation, and dedication to creating exceptional events will ensure our continued success and growth.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Work and Chill. We look forward to the future and the exciting opportunities it holds.