Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Groups

We host a virtual social for LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Groups to bring the community together for some fun! Interactive 45 minute virtual sessions includes 2 live hosts, music, entertainment, and prizes more! 

Competition, Music, & Fun!

Our virtual game social is an interactive 45-minute session filled with games, entertainment, live hosts, and exciting prizes, all hosted via Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams!

The featured game is the Convo and Chill LGBTQIA+ Edition, which consists of conversation starters designed to ignite meaningful, enjoyable, and deep discussions centered around celebrating Pride!

Perfect for your virtual or in-person LGBTQIA+ Community Events!

Take your LGBTQIA+ ERG Community events for your Employee Resource Group to the next level. Our Guess My Preference or Work and Chill Team Building Games, are perfect for in person or virtual game nights, icebreakers, or employee bonding events. Check out our team building games, prizes and more for your team members!

In-Person & Virtual team bonding events

Interaction & Engagement amongst co-workers

During the game, participants will have the opportunity to share their insights and experiences related to Pride Month, LGBTQIA+ history, and the ongoing fight for equality. This event provides a wonderful chance for attendees to learn about their co-workers’ perspectives on the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community and engage in discussions about various aspects of LGBTQIA+ experiences!

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