Work and Chill – Q2 Investor Updates & News  + Collabs with Uber, Shopify, Google and more!

Your awesome support for our company has been a total game-changer. We can't thank you enough for being a supporter of our company – you are now a part of our legacy!

From Juneteenth collaborations with Dropbox, Fresh, Mitre, Snapchat and Spotify; to Our Mexico team flying to Uber’s headquarters in Toronto to showcase our innovative all-new Work and Chill in-person networking experience for employees from top tech companies like Salesforce, Uber, Google, Autodesk, Slack, and Shopify! Q2 was filled with opportunities for growth, expansion and innovation for Work and Chill.

What's Next for Work and Chill?

Your financial backing has been absolutely crucial in helping us grow as we continue to spread our wings across the world, leveraging our amazing international in-person experiences to further develop and test our SaaS Work and Chill Attendee Engagement Platform.

We are also currently engaged in discussions with Google, to leverage our Work and Chill platform to connect their employees across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with Work and Chill Virtual Game Night experiences and Instant Booking Platform and appreciate your continued and future support.

New Exciting Investor Incentives

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Q2 Next Phase Updates