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Save time organizing your next ERG bonding event. Within a few clicks, Work and Chill can customize a Virtual Social for companies looking to connect their co-workers and build a sense of community, no matter where they are!

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Virtual Leadership Team Bonding

Live virtual events & experiences for your Employees!

Work and Chill Games offers exciting and unique Live Virtual Events and Experiences for employee resource groups, leadership teams, and their members!

Solutions ranging from producing a fun engaging experience perfect for diversity and inclusion initiatives, cultural observation events, improving workplace morale or employee onboarding. 


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Team Bonding & Employee Retention Solutions

Work and Chill Enterprise platform allows companies to host virtual and hybrid events and engage employees across various locations around the world.

Whether it’s team building activities, seminars, or social events, Work and Chill can help organizations connect employees in a meaningful way. Further assisting companies to foster a sense of community and teamwork, even when employees are working remotely.

Celebrating Women's History Month

Introducing a new virtual game social for Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month, and it’s a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. Here at Work and Chill we host a virtual game social event to celebrate women’s history and bring co-workers together for some fun!

We’d host a virtual game social event anytime throughout March and we will feature a conversation card game, that celebrate the achievements of women! Your employees will have the opportunity to win prizes, as the most engaged participants will be awarded to the winners

Employee Retention and Feedback Based Events

Employee Feedback Socials

The Employee Feedback Social is a new virtual event that makes it easy and fun way to get honest feedback from your employee resource group members.

We host a live interactive 1 hour session where our live game hosts ask up 10-15  customized questions to employees or members. We’ve got music, entertainment and prizes as well to make the experience exciting and interactive!

Virtual socials are a useful tool for capturing data in a fun and engaging way! They can provide real-time insights, encourage participation, and offer a versatile way to capture data in different contexts.

In-Person & Virtual team bonding events

In-Person & Virtual bonding events for your team.

With our all-new Guess My Preference Card Game, work colleagues can compete in-person or virtually, to see who knows their colleagues the best! Guess My Preference introduces engaging new ways to increase Team Bonding or even to enhance your social events. 

Whether playing among new hires as an ice breaker, or turning events such as a team member’s birthday party, into a fun, engaging and team building experience. Where team members celebrate a team members birthday by playing Guess My Preference to see who knows the birthday person the best! 

Client Reviews

What Our Clients Say About Work and Chill

Work and Chill hosted a team building event for Salesforce's BOLDforce ERG leadership team and I was thoroughly impressed with the seamless execution. From the card games to the engaging co-hosts everything was top-notch! I highly recommend Work and Chill team building events to anyone looking for a fun and impactful experience.

- Chris Roberts

(President, BOLDforce Canada at Salesforce)

You made this event fun, exciting, and full of knowledge sharing

- Evan Johnson

Technical Recruiter at Snap Inc.

Perfect for Corporate Gifting & Events

Our virtual experiences include prizes awarded to your most engaging members.

Browse our new ERG Shop where you can find more information about our prizes included with your virtual social for your most engaging team members, or order for your team as appreciation gifts, perks, and more!


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