Employee Feedback Events

Our Employee Feedback Events are a new virtual experience that offers an easy and fun way to get honest feedback from your employees or resource group members.

An employee feedback experience that employees actually LOVE!

1 Hour Interactive & Engaging Live Sessions

Our Employee Feedback Events is a new virtual experience that makes it easy and fun way to get honest feedback from your employees and resource group members.

We host a live interactive 1 hour session where our live game hosts ask up 10-15  customized questions to employees or members. We’ve got music, entertainment and prizes as well to make the experience exciting and interactive!

Virtual socials are a useful tool for capturing data in a fun and engaging way! They can provide real-time insights, encourage participation, and offer a versatile way to capture data in different contexts.

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Honest, Constructive & Fun Feedback!

Virtual Team Feedback Socials are designed to facilitate honest and constructive feedback in a fun way within workplace teams! Creating a safe and inclusive environment where team members can provide valuable insights, recognize achievements, and offer suggestions for improvement, ultimately fostering personal and professional growth. Virtual Feedback Socials encourage open communication, collaboration, and continuous development.

Benefits of In-Game Quizzes & Polls

Our Virtual events include quizzes and polls as a fun and interactive way to capture data. By incorporating gamification elements, quizzes and polls can engage employees and encourage participation!

In-Game quizzes and polls can capture data in real-time, providing immediate feedback and insights!

Quizzes and polls can be designed to allow anonymous responses. This can encourage users to provide honest feedback and opinions, which can be useful for sensitive topics or issues where users may feel uncomfortable sharing their identity.

Benefits of Feedback Events

Employee feedback event provide a number of benefits to employers and employee resource groups:

Employee feedback socials can help you identify areas where you can improve their workplace environment, policies, and practices. This can help them create a better work environment that can increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity!

When employees feel that their opinions are valued and heard, they tend to be more engaged in their work. Employee feedback socials can provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions and concerns, which can lead to increased engagement!

Employee feedback socials can help foster open communication between employees and employers. This can help build trust and promote a culture of transparency and collaboration!

Employee feedback socials can provide employers with a way to measure employee satisfaction and identify areas where they need to improve to increase satisfaction. This can help reduce turnover and improve retention rates!

Employee feedback socials can help identify areas where employees need training and development. This can help employers create targeted training programs that can help employees grow and develop their skills, which can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction!

When employees feel that their opinions are valued and heard, they tend to feel more valued and supported. This can help boost morale and create a more positive work environment!

Employee feedback events are a new valuable tool for companies

Assisting companies and their employee resource groups to improve their workplace environment and create a more engaged, productive, and satisfied workforce!

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We were thoroughly impressed, everything was top-notch! I highly recommend Work and Chill team building events to anyone looking for a fun and impactful experience.

- Chris Roberts


Thank you for this fun, exciting event, full of knowledge sharing, expediting our team bonding initiatives!

- Evan Johnson