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About Work and Chill

Using Team Building Games for Employee Retention

The workforce is changing, and employees are now expecting more from the companies that they work for. Employee retention is a core focus for businesses around the world, which is why more leaders are looking for ways to increase team morale. From fun swag to exciting team events, companies want to show their employees just how much they care. Fortunately, at Work and Chill Games, we are here to help!

Connecting Employees

Create Lasting & Meaningful Connections

Employee engagement is about more than connecting with employees to discuss work. It is about ensuring that the bonds that your team is built upon are strong and sturdy. Team gatherings and off-site meetings can help—even when they are virtual. Simple points of connection, like holiday gifting and special events, can help your employees to see just how much you value them. With our games, you can create a deeper sense of connection between employees and show your employees that they are more than just staff! 

Break language barriers

Bi-lingual Game hosts

Our bi-lingual game hosts, fluent in English and Spanish, adds a dynamic connection to the team building process. Being able to translate the questions and responses, allows team members to communicate and bond with each other; strengthening relationships regardless of language barriers.