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Bring Remote Teams Together With Epic Virtual Game Nights

So you’ve brought some teams back to the office, and realized it’s time to bring remote teams together. Maybe you have some teams who are still working remotely, and others who are hybrid. But now, things are just not quite the same as they were before COVID in terms of team connectedness. You’re not alone. All types of companies are experiencing this same challenge with transitioning employees back to the workplace while fostering a connected work culture. 

If you’re wondering if there is a fun way out there to reconnect teams again to strengthen your company’s work culture, the answer is YES! You can do this by implementing virtual game nights with your teams to bring employees together no matter their location. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of extra work on your part. Actually, at Work and Chill Games, we can do the work for you by hosting virtual game night events and activities where teams can remotely get to know each other better and connect on a deeper level. You might be wondering, what does a virtual game night even consist of and how can it help your teams connect? Well, keep reading to learn exactly how Work and Chill Games can help your teams.

What is it?

Whether your team is hybrid, in-person or fully remote we host interactive virtual game night events via Zoom for your remote teams. Work and Chill Games offers exciting and unique game nights and socials for workplace teams as a team bonding activity. 

Who is the virtual game night for?

Our virtual game nights are for corporate teams that are looking to close the connection gap that exists between teams. At Work and Chill Games, we value intimate connections. For that reason, we like to limit our virtual game night sessions to about 2-15 players per event. 

What Game Will be Played?

During our epic virtual game nights, we play The Guess My Preference Card Game.

Do you think you know your work colleagues? The Guess My Preference Card Game allows work colleagues to compete to see who knows each other best! It’s a great way to learn more about each others’ lifestyle preferences!

The objective of the Guess My Preference card game is to guess players’ preferences for each card. If you guess incorrectly, you receive a penalty card. 5 penalty cards and you’re eliminated. Last player standing wins!

The card deck includes 50 Question Cards, 45 Voting Cards, and 75 Penalty Cards.

What is it like to play?

What teams love the most about our epic virtual game nights is that they can participate from the comfort of their own homes. No need to leave the house or juggle competing priorities at home. Pop open your computer from anywhere, grab yourself your favorite beverage, and log in to have some fun with your team!

How long does it take to play?

The duration for a team to typically get through a virtual game night with Work and Chill Games is 1 hour. It is highly recommended to log in 10 minutes prior to the start of the game to ensure your computer and audio are not experiencing any performance issues that would interfere with your participation in the virtual game night. At Work and Chill Games, we value your time, so you can always count on our virtual game nights to start and end right on time, unless there is an unforeseen circumstance or environmental disruption.

To kick off the game night, the first game card reader grabs a card from the deck and reads out loud, “Guess My Preference, A, playing golf, B, playing tennis, or C, break dancing”.

Every player has to guess the person’s preference by using the voting cards, placing it face down to cast their vote to guess which option they think is the game card reader’s preference. The game card reader must also place their answer using the voting card face down. Each player takes turns revealing their guess. 

Once everyone’s guess is revealed, the game card reader must reveal their answer and can also share with everyone why they went with that answer. Any player that guesses incorrectly, receives a penalty card. If a player has 5 penalty cards, then they are eliminated. 

Next, the game card reader places the game card at the bottom of the deck and the next player to the right goes next and everyone has to guess that game card reader’s preference. Each player takes turns reading the game card until there is one final player who wins.

What do you need to play?

All you need to have in order to participate in a virtual game night event with Work and Chill Games is the following:

  • Computer or Mobile Phone with Internet
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other team conferencing software
  • A deck of our Guess My Preference game cards


Bring remote teams together with Work and Chill Games

If you have noticed that your teams are feeling disconnected or if you are looking for fun ways to bring your teams together remotely, then you might want to try adding a virtual game night to your team bonding activity list. At Work and Chill Games, we bring the human connection tools to you in order to build connected teams. From team game nights to team card games, Work and Chill Games can help uplift your remote teams. Learn more about how we can help by reaching out to info@workandchillgames.com today! A member of our team will connect with you.

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