Work and Chill @ Uber

Welcome to Uber’s home at Work & Chill. RSVP for upcoming events to connect and engage co-workers for your chance to win amazing prizes!

Celebrating Black Employee Resource Groups

Connect with other Uber Employees around the globe with Virtual Events!

Get to know more about your co-workers around the Globe! Our Guess My Preference or Work and Chill Team Building Games, are perfect for in virtual game shows, icebreakers, or employee bonding events. Check out our team building games, prizes and more for you and your team members!

Featured & Upcoming Uber Bonding Events

Our unique live events and virtual game shows, are a unique and fun way to connect and bond with other Uber employees! Check out upcoming events and opportunities to win prizes and more for you and your ERG members!

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Monthly Bonding Events

Connect with other Uber employees, discuss ways to improve workplace culture and more! Check out the monthly opportunities to participate win prizes and more for you and your ERG members!

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Check out the gallery from past events!

Relive the moment!

In case you missed one of the live events, you can check out the gallery to view highlights and recaps of previous events in the event gallery! 



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