Celebrating Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and it’s a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. Here at Work and Chill we host a virtual game social event to celebrate women’s history and bring co-workers together for some fun!

Virtual Game Social Event

Introducing a new virtual game social for Women’s History Month via zoom!

We’d host a virtual game social event anytime throughout March and we will feature a conversation card game,
that celebrate the achievements of women throughout history! Your colleagues will have the opportunity to win prizes!

Women's History Month Game

Sneak Preview of question cards in the game

The Convo and Chill Woman’s History Month Edition game are conversation starters that spark meaningful, fun, and deep discussions centered around celebrating women!

Play Video
Play Video
Conversation Game

Participate and Win Prizes!

At the end of the virtual game social, our live hosts award prizes to the most engaged participants! Winners can select from a variety of options to claim as a prize!

Have your event hosted by our bilingual host

Bi-lingual Game hosts

Our bi-lingual game hosts, fluent in English and Spanish, adds a dynamic connection to the team building process. Being able to translate the questions and responses, allows team members to communicate and bond with each other; strengthening relationships regardless of language barriers.

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Celebrate With Us

Celebrating women's achievements throughout history

We invite your company to partner with us as we host this exciting virtual social event for your company and to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history! This is a great opportunity to connect with others, have some fun, and learn about the incredible contributions of women to our world. Would love for us to celebrate Woman’s History Month! Let’s Work and Chill!

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We were looking for a good ice-breaker game to help introduce new hires to our team, Work and Chill & Guess My Preference are perfect!

Linda W.

We learned so much about our own leadership team after playing Guess my Preference. It is now an integral part in our onboarding process.

Richard J.